Remove Before Flight MINI Keychain

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We are thrilled to share our latest release Remove Before Flight Mini in Red!

Mini Remove Before Flight tag is 25% smaller than the standard RBF tag and measures at 10 cm in length and 2.5 cm in width. This till be the ideal keychain, luggage tag or accessory piece for your handbag or even your jacket as a zip-puller.

Mini Remove Before Flight tag is perfect for people who like smaller and more discreet luggage accessories. The same as our Standard Remove before flight tag range, Mini RBF tag is made from high-quality materials which will prevent them to fade, they are thick and robust, durable and water resistant.

Check now Remove Before Flight Keychain in Red

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for all avgeek Dads

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Stuck with ideas for your Dad this Father’s Day? We can help you! Discover some great ideas we have put together. Surprise and make your dad’s day very special this year!


#1 Pilot Magazine Subscription

Excellent read, packed with amazing flying adventures, general aviation news, ‘Beyond the PPL’ flying technique features and much more. It discovers, inspires, informs and entertains, all in one vibrant package illustrated with stunning photographs.

Discover Pilot Magazine


#2 Airplane Seat Belt Keychain

Get belted up and ready to go with this fantastic Shiny Black Airplane Seatbelt Keychain. A fun addition to any key ring collection, it is made from top quality materials and designed to add character to any key chain, flight bag or handbag. Inspired by the classic airplane seat belt, it features a black strap and a silver seatbelt buckle, which can be detached from the keyring by simply lifting the flap, as you would on a real aircraft.

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#3 Premium Remove Before Flight Keychain

Our range of Remove Before Flight tags are inspired by original Remove Before Flight red ribbons widely used in commercial and general aviation to remind the ground staff to remove certain protective guards from the aircraft removable components whilst the aircraft is on the ground or taxiing. This Remove Before Flight luggage tag is made from high quality, strong fabric for tear and water resistance, to ensure they won’t break or fade away quickly. This great luggage tag features embroidered bold REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT white lettering on the durable red cotton background. Now widely used by all airline crew as well as aviation enthusiasts all over the world.

Shop for Premium Remove Before Flight Keychains


#4 Airline Pilot Teddy Bear

This adorable Airline Pilot Small Teddy Bear would make a fabulous gift for girls and boys who love airplanes, travelling, and collecting soft toys. Beautifully made from the finest quality fabrics, he measures 25cm tall in the sitting position, and he is dressed to impress in a gorgeous navy and gold pilot’s outfit, complete with 4 gold stripes and a traditional cap complete with pilot’s badge.

Shop for Airline Pilot toys


#5 Luggage Tags for Pilot Dad’s

Here at aviamart we are the experts for embroidered luggage tags and we have a wide range of embroidered luggage tags for airline Crew! So if your dad is a pilot or cabin crew, or pilot to be –  we got it covered!

Discover our range of airline crew tags, crew luggage handle wraps or pilot luggage tags!

What you are getting for your dad this year? Share with us by commenting below!

Pilot – #1 General Aviation Magazine

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pilot-magazine-subscription-aviamartYou’ll be flying high with Britain’s best-selling general aviation magazine

Subscribe and Save up to 45 percent

Are you an aviation enthusiast? Perhaps you’re an experienced pilot or dreaming of becoming one? Maybe you just like planes? Well, Pilot magazine welcomes all fans of the sky. This is why it’s an excellent read, packed with amazing flying adventures, general aviation news, ‘Beyond the PPL’ flying technique features and much more. It discovers, inspires, informs and entertains, all in one vibrant package illustrated with stunning photographs.

Pilot magazine will help you understand more about some of the world’s most incredible present and past aircraft. You’ll learn about their history and discover fascinating facts. Why not test your knowledge of all things aviation and beyond, in our Air Brained Quiz? Keep up to date with the Aviation Events calendar, available with every Pilot Magazine Issue. If you are already flying or planning to fly for leisure, Pilot magazine will uncover superb UK airfields through a colorful detailed guide.  Best of all – you can get free landing vouchers too, allowing you to touch down in a range of locations here in the UK!

A subscription to Pilot Magazine is a great investment. Not just for you, but all your friends too. Subscribe today or buy a gift subscription for your family or friends and save up to 45 percent, compared to the standard cover price!

We have subscribed already, so what you are waiting for?

Visit Pilot Magazine Website and Subscribe!

If you’re already an owner of the Pilot Magazine Subscription, please share your thoughts and experience about it! Feel free to drop us a line!

Handy Aviation Inspired Trolley Coins

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Ever been caught short without a pound to get your trolley out at the supermarket or to close the locker in your local gym or swimming pool? This handy little trolley token is the answer. Just pop it into the coin slot as you would do with a pound coin and you’ve got it sorted!

We’ve all been there, when we try to find that last coin in our pocket, wallet (or car boot!) and how frustrating it can be to carry all of your shopping in the basket. So we have decided to create the special trolley coins to make the shopping trip to local supermarket a bit less stressful and more enjoyable. And also to have stress-free swimming or gym session in the local leisure centre, as we do not need to worry about the pound coins anymore and where to find them.


Our trolley coins (locker coins) are very practical, simple and convenient to use. These tokens can be carried everywhere and can be easily attached and detached from your keys or car keys if you drive. It’s handy to always have one in your bag, purse, or if you are anything like me, I always got a couple in my car. Meaning, they always come in handy whenever and wherever you go!


We would like to assure you that our trolley tokens will remain compatible with majority of the supermarket trolleys after the new £1 pound coin will be released on the 28th of March 2017 as majority supermarkets adjusted their trolley slots so they will accept new and older versions of the pound coins.


Discover our great Trolley Coins Range today!


The Premium Remove Before Flight Keychain Range

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We are thrilled to present you our latest designs for our Best Selling Range of Remove Before Flight Keychains.

The Premium Range of Remove Before Flight Keychains features the reinforced fixing to ensure your tag is attached securely and it prevents from detaching from the luggage or even more important if you are using as a keychain – to secure the keys even better! We all been there, done that! (losing keys, and how frustrating it is)
These great Remove Before Flight Keychains are an excellent premium quality product for the people who love the good quality items, without breaking the bank!

Currently, we have 3 great colours to choose from:
Remove Before Flight Keychain in Red (Selling like hot cakes right now!)
Remove Before Flight Keychain in Black
Remove Before Flight Keychain in Navy

Read more about these great luggage tags on our web :

Paulius Aganauskas

Founder of aviamart


Airplane Seat Belt Keychain now in Matt

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You Said – We did it! After hearing the feedback from you guys,  we are happy to present you Airplane Seatbelt Keychain which is now available in Matt Finish.

This Airplane Seatbelt inspired keychain is the close replica of the real aircraft seat belt. It has the removable buckle which can be removed by lifting the flap like on actual aircraft and is made from high-quality material to make durable and water resistant. It is great Birthday Present or Stocking filler for Christmas!

Discover entire range of these great Aircraft Seatbelt Keychains now.