Handy Aviation Inspired Trolley Coins

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Ever been caught short without a pound to get your trolley out at the supermarket or to close the locker in your local gym or swimming pool? This handy little trolley token is the answer. Just pop it into the coin slot as you would do with a pound coin and you’ve got it sorted!

We’ve all been there, when we try to find that last coin in our pocket, wallet (or car boot!) and how frustrating it can be to carry all of your shopping in the basket. So we have decided to create the special trolley coins to make the shopping trip to local supermarket a bit less stressful and more enjoyable. And also to have stress-free swimming or gym session in the local leisure centre, as we do not need to worry about the pound coins anymore and where to find them.


Our trolley coins (locker coins) are very practical, simple and convenient to use. These tokens can be carried everywhere and can be easily attached and detached from your keys or car keys if you drive. It’s handy to always have one in your bag, purse, or if you are anything like me, I always got a couple in my car. Meaning, they always come in handy whenever and wherever you go!


We would like to assure you that our trolley tokens will remain compatible with majority of the supermarket trolleys after the new £1 pound coin will be released on the 28th of March 2017 as majority supermarkets adjusted their trolley slots so they will accept new and older versions of the pound coins.


Discover our great Trolley Coins Range today!


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