About us

Hey and welcome to aviamart’s Blog!

As a new visitor to this blog, you’re probably brimming with questions. Probably wondering- What is aviamart? Who are these people? What do they do?

Let me provide you with some brief answers.

My Brief Story:

My name is Paulius and I am a complete and utter aviation fan. From a young age, I have been fascinated by planes and aviation. During my childhood in Lithuania, aviation wasn’t a very popular industry, as it is here in the UK. We only had 1 major airport and a couple of others which were used for military purposes. As you can imagine, this meant that airplane spotting was quite poor, to say the least, especially when the airport had only 5 take-off’s / landings a day (and that was on a good day!). It was similar to watching paint dry… Nothing happened very quickly. So since I moved to the UK over 10 years ago, I’ve had more opportunities to explore the aviation world, and after 6 years, I gave up my career in logistics and found a job within the aviation sector, with the UK’s leading airline – as a flight attendant. And in my spare time I run my business which is called  ‘aviamart’. I must say aviamart is my hobby, rather than 2nd job and I love to run it!

So what we do here at aviamart?

Here at aviamart we help people to mark their bags and other belongings using our wide range of aviation inspired luggage tags and keyrings so they would be well visible and that they won’t loose them whilst traveling or even at home.(Especialy keys! Keys! Keys! Where are they?!)
We help them to find the perfect gift for friends, families or colleagues or even themselves. (even how cheecky it sounds, but we have to look after ourselves, right?)
We help them fly! (We have teamed up with Virgin Experience days to get you great deals on flying experiences. See our Flying experience page for more details).

Do we have vision? Big YES!

We truly believe that each of us is worth the best. And the best only. So that’s why customer service standard is set to sky high. And if we haven’t done so please contact us.
We believe that everyone has to be heard of – that’s why we are in contact with our customers, to make sure their expectations are met and their opinion counted. Feel free to leave us a comment or two.

We aim to send your goods/presents as soon as we can as we know how impatient we all are and how we are excited to see the package on our doorstep, not mention how we are eager to open it. During the busy period, it might take up to 24hrs to ship your order. See the details on the Delivery page.

And our bit for the Planet!

We are doing our best to be Eco-friendly so we can live in the cleaner environment and breathe fresher air for us now and for our children in the future. Read more about our project and join us and let’s make the difference!


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